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Motion Graphics, Photography, Video, Websites

All the things that make the modern world.
Photography will be uploaded in January.

Find the specifics.

Video Projects and Motion Graphics

  • All lower-third graphics and transitions were created and animated by me

  • The intro was initially made from a template though I remade it for more customization.

  • Before I assembled my team (shown at the beginning of episode), I handled all pre- and post-production on my own.

West Carteret High School's Morning News Show

The Minute

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Weekly News Show

The Avion Broadcast

  • Currently, I am an editor and animator for The Avion Broadcast.

  • Motion graphics and animations I have worked are set to be rolled out in 2024



West Carteret High School
Student Media

Personal Website for Noelle Hutcheson
(Currently Private)

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