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Motion Graphics, Photography, Video, Websites

All the things that make the modern world.
Photography will be uploaded in January.

Find the specifics.

Video Projects and Motion Graphics

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Weekly News Show

The Avion Broadcast

  • I am the head of the broadcast program for The Avion.

  • I currently lead a team of nineteen individuals, from writers and editors to onscreen personalities to create and produce these episodes.

  • National Placements

  • All lower-third graphics and transitions were created and animated by me

  • The intro was initially made from a template though I remade it for more customization.

  • Prior to assembling my team (shown at the beginning of the episode), I handled all production on my own.

West Carteret High School's Morning News Show

The Minute



West Carteret High School
Student Media

West Carteret High School

Personal Website for Noelle Hutcheson
(Currently Private)

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